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Eye & Face Protection




Model : 135

Light weight and sporty design spectacle with soft and comfort nose pad. One Piece lens being made of impact resistant polycarbonate Easy visibility yellow colour on temple. Adjustable (3 position) temple length.

Model : 136

Fashionable and modern stylish safety spectacles, with wrap around intergral side shield lens provide maximum protection. Soft and comfort tips provide maximum comfort.



   Art. No.            Frame          Lens      Abrasion Resistant  Antifog


Art. No.              Frame          Lens  Abrasion Resistant Antifog


  0301101350001  Yellow Hinge    Clear                    Yes                           -

  0301101350132  Yellow Hinge    Smoke                   Yes                          -

  0301101350702  Yellow Hinge    Yellow                   Yes                           -

  0301101350801  Yellow Hinge  Clear Mirror            Yes                           -

  0301101350802  Yellow Hinge  Gold Mirror              Yes                          -

  0301101351002  Yellow Hinge  Silver Mirror            Yes                           -

 0301101360001  Clr/Org Rubber  Clear                  Yes                       -

 0301101360132 Smk/Org Rubber Smoke                Yes                       -


Model : 122

Stylish ultra-light weight safety spectacle, soft and comfort rubber pad temple provide maximum comfort to wearer.



Model : 111

Integral side shield with conventional shaped dual lens. Impact resistant polycarbonate lens provide UV protection and debris.


Art. No.                 Frame             Lens  Abrasion Resistant Antifog


Art. No.           Frame     Lens    Abrasion Resistant    Antifog


0301101221501 Rubber Red color     Clear 1.5              Yes                    -

0301101222001 Rubber Yellow color Clear 2.0              Yes                    -

  0301101110000    Black        Clear                  Yes                         -

  0301101110001    Black   Clear Mirror             Yes                         -

  0301101110002    Black     Smoke#3               Yes                         -


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